Bark Blower Services
James A. Martin Company, Inc. was the first in the area to offer motorized bark mulch installation which is extremely efficient and cost saving. The usage of our 10 yard bark blower unit which is mounted on a vehicle saves an enormous amount of time in addition to creating a more uniform spread and cleaner edges

Street and Parking Lot Sweeping
James A. Martin Company, Inc. currently has three Elgin Pelican Street Sweepers and a Johnston Street Sweeper. Four Street Sweepers allows us to be able to work multiple sites at one time or to combine efforts and knock out a large property in much less time. We are fully staffed with outstanding equipment, consisting of back pack blowers, power brooms, Walker Rotary Brooms and Bobcat Sweeper Brooms. Our versatility makes short work of Spring Street Sweeping or a Work Area Monthly Sweep.

Dumpster Roll-off and Rental
James A. Martin Company, Inc. has outfitted themselves with the perfect size roll off dumpsters for the tight quarter jobs, the "do it yourselfers", the "spring cleaners", or the smaller commercial build-out or repair. James A. Martin Company offers 15 yard dumpsters that can fit easily into most driveways.

Whether you have pulled out all the bushes in the front of your house or removed that front cement sidewalk, the dumpster roll off gives the customer the ability to take on the larger job and have a way to remove the refuse when the project is done. It's also the perfect way to help oneself remove the construction refuse from home renovations, a new roof or new siding. Don't forget spring cleanup…with new restrictions on municipal waste disposal, any more than a tall barrel may result in an extra charge. The dumpsters provide an opportunity for homeowners to remove a large volume of material at one time.

The dumpster is not just for the homeowner though, the smaller dumpsters provide the perfect size for specific commercial applications. Pallet removal from loading docks, Steel or aluminum recycling, small renovations, the smaller 15 yard dumpsters provide the perfect capacity for the smaller commercial jobs.

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